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Who we are?

With values such as hard work and professionalism as our foundation, we work tirelessly to satisfy our customers’ needs. We aim to become a source of multiple solutions for your industry.


Our extensive network of manufacturers enables us to provide end-to-end service. Our manufacturers can design, build, ship, and warehouse products if needed.

For us, excellence is a critical goal that can only be attained through the success, satisfaction, and continuous growth of our clients. We invite you to partner with us so we can help your business grow.

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Company: About Us
What we do

A-Squared Engineered Products represents established industry leading foundries, forge shops, and plastics mills. Our manufacturers produce high quality custom parts and products for industrial companies serving the automotive, agriculture, ordnance, food & beverage, infrastructure, to name a few.

Our partners deliver a wide selection of casting processes, including sand castings, graphite permanent mold castings, investment castings, die castings, and centrifugal castings. In
addition to custom castings we provide custom forgings, employing hammer and press forging methods. We are proud to serve you in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma,
and Nebraska.

How we do it

Our standard process is to gather key requirements from your engineers, supply chain managers, and buyers. After your expectations have been obtained we will develop prototypes for review before we start production. Our partners can create prototypes from your supplied drawings. We also have the equipment to scan and develop prototypes from parts you provide. We are consistent in our manufacturing processes and guarantee to have your custom part done right the first time.

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Defect Free

Out products are unrivalled within the industry. They offer superior service and quality for all construction and industrial needs.

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On Time Delivery

We work with highly reliable brands and strive to provide 100% on-time delivery for every project.

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Exceed Expectation

The products we supply are unbelievably reliable. We work with manufacturers who promise quality, power, and durability and guaranteed to exceed expectations.

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Our industry knowledge and expertise give you the peace of mind that you will be in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Industries we serve

Companies across many industries partner with A-Squared Engineered Products to supply critical parts, including:


Farm Equipment
Heavy Machinery
Machine Tool
Material Handling
Mining Equipment

Power Generation
Power Shovels & Cranes
Road Construction
And Many More.

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