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About A-Squared

With values such as hard work and professionalism as our foundation, we work tirelessly to satisfy our customers’ needs. We aim to become a source of multiple solutions for your industry.


Our extensive network of manufacturers enables us to provide end-to-end service. Our manufacturers can design, build, ship, and warehouse products if needed.

For us, excellence is a critical goal that can only be attained through the success, satisfaction, and continuous growth of our clients. We invite you to partner with us so we can help your business grow.

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Casting is a service offered by A-Squared Engineered Products, it is the process of distributing molten metal into a mold, where it solidifies into the shape of the mold. The metal and mold are cooled, and the metal casting is separated from the mold. Casting is extensively practical in producing complex shapes that would be challenging or inefficient to produce by other methods. Casting processes differ in how the mold is made and in how the metal is forced into the mold.

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Machining is a service offered by A-Squared Engineered Products, in which metal is cut into a desired final shape and size by a controlled material-removal process.  Most metal components and parts require some form of machining during the manufacturing process. Other materials, such as plastics, rubbers, and paper goods, are also commonly fabricated through machining processes.

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Forging is a service offered by A-Squared Engineered Products, it involves the shaping metal and increasing its strength by hammering or pressing two or more dies together.  Forging can create products that are more durable than an equivalent cast or machined part.

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Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering services are offered by A-Squared Engineered Products.  Our engineers will help you accomplish your product goals while at the same time maintaining quality and cost competitiveness.  Our process includes conducting an extensive Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) to ensure reliability, quality, and satisfaction for you and your customer.

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